I’ve a landline phone number in USA

I know, I know… having a landline phone number in USA isn’t uncommon if you live there. But the fact is that I don’t live there.

The phone number is offered for free by IpKall and it’s binded to my Gizmo SIP account (VoIP). That way, when you call that number, and if I’m logged into my Gizmo account, I can receive your call. Moreover, if you’ve a Skype account it should be cheap for you to call me. Yes, you’ve catched it: it’s the perfect and cheap (but not free) SIP-Skype bridge.

In fact, I’m thinking to bind the number to the SIP account of the PolyCom we’ve in the office. That way, we could set up a multiconference among some Skype users and the PolyCom.

P.S.: I’m not showing here the real phone number nor the Gizmo account for privacy reasons. If you’d like to know them, just contact me.

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