A safe upgrade to Diablo

At the end, Maemo Diablo release for N810 is out. But if you have valuable information, programs or configuration on it maybe you’re worried about what you’ll loose in a reflashing. In fact, if you’ve done the upgrade yet you’ll notice that the main part of the apps from Extras repository are missing in Diablo for the moment. Fortunately, there’s a way to install the apps from the old Chinook repository.

Here are six simple steps to perform the upgrade process and restore all your current applications:

  1. Backup your /home/user to a safe place by hand. Standard backup tool won’t
    backup every file you’ve at home and maybe you could need them later…
  2. Do a backup using the backup tool.
  3. Reflash the device with the new image using the flasher tool according to the reflashing instructions
  4. Restore the backup. Some old apps will remain grayshaded because the backup
    tool can’t find them in the now current Diablo repository.
  5. Open Application Manager. Menu, tools, application catalog. Maemo Extras,
    edit. Distribution: chinook, uncheck the “disabled” checkbox, Accept. Close.
  6. Menu, tools, restore applications. Accept.

That’s all. Enjoy your updated device!

2 thoughts on “A safe upgrade to Diablo”

  1. Upgraded to Diablo. NOT thrilled. I see ONE advantage: That I won’t have to reflash in the future for upgrades (something that should’ve been done LONG ago) But major disadvantages. More crashes. The browser crashes more often, and so does the clunky new mail app. WHY couldn’t they have LEFT THE E-MAIL APP ALONE??? The new one not only crashes regularly, but it no longer allows me to see e-mail from both of my accounts in the same box. It got rid of the foward button, the folder organization is clunky, I can no longer remove e-mails from the server, the setup was NOT easier, I can’t see html, as there’s no option to turn it on or off. This is NOT an improvement

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