Parsewiki, a wiki-to-any converter

This days I’m writing a lot of docs in DocBook format, and the lack of a good editor is a pain. When I say “a good editor”, I mean some tool that avoids these awful and artificially long XML tags, because I don’t want to spend more time typing tags than typing normal text.

So, I did some googling and discovered ParseWiki, a Perl script that transforms wiki text into DocBook, HTML, XHTML and even Latex. This tool is saving me a lot of time. Have a look at it in:

Corunix website migrated to Community

Taking advantage of a little stall in the project I’m currently working on, I decided to spend all the day doing hackfest tasks.

The task I’ve been asigned for was to migrate the old Corunix website in Drupal to the common TWiki infrastructure shared by all the projects in so, at this moment, Corunix is one more of those projects.

Drupal was causing us big headache, because updating it was a pain: some plugins weren’t migrated to the updated version, there was database migration errors, etc… In brief, the website is much better now. 🙂

The next task I’m going to do when I have time for hackfests again, will be to create a CVS for Corunix and publish pam_preprofile and maybe also lanzador there. The first one is a project that would benefit many people. I’ll have to notify Andrew Morgan about it to do the changes at PAM website.