Linex and Iberia

Past week I’ve travelled to Valencia to take a rest and see the city. A big city, by the way, altough people’s timetable was a bit “strange”, but that’s a different story…

One of the most surprising things happened in the flight: in the plane there were glass coasters, napkins and even headrest covers with the advertisment “sé legal, copia GNU/Linex” (“be legal, copy GNU/Linex”).

It seems like Junta de Extremadura has made an agreement with Iberia to show Linex advertisments and offer Linex CDs and leaflets in some regional flights. What a good thing!


It’s a sad week

It’s a sad week. Galicia, our homeland, is burning in flames. At this moment, more than 50 fires are burning without control. And the worst of all is that the main part of them are caused by men.

I can’t believe how such unresponsible and stupid people can exist. What kind of madness or obscure interests can force them to cause a fire started in some points at the same time, in order to be difficult to suffocate it? What’s the point of so many FEDER grants, so many improvements and innovations, so many animal repopulation and tree reforestation, if at the end there are people that don’t care about Galicia?

The time status at Vigo local weather station today wasn’t “sun”, “clouds” or “fog”, it was “smoke”. I’m desolated.

Smoke at Vigo (Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain)