Password card utility in MIDP 1.0

At last I’ve improved and published NeoPwd under GPL. It’s an utility to store and query electronic bank access passwords (coordinade cards) into a mobile phone.
It’s written using CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 API. The package has a text file where you can write an authentication password, your card number and all the password coordinates data. Then, you should build the application, create an obfuscated package (it takes less space) and download it to you cell phone.

In order to use this utility with your own passwords, you have to unzip NeoPwd.jar (yes, a jar is in fact a zip), edit the data.txt file inside it, put there your passwords, zip all the stuff again as NeoPwd.jar and download it to your cell phone. The format of data.txt is explained in the source code (

Enjoy it!