Using GPG with KMail

Every time I need to use GPG, I do it from the command line, but now I am wondering how to configure KMail in order to use all the GPG features from my favorite mail client.

To configure KMail, I followed the instructions at KMail website, but with some variations to make it work in Debian Sarge.

I already had KMail, gnupg, kdepim, etc… installed, so, the only packages I had to install were pinentry-qt and gpg-agent. I didn’t have to compile gpg-agent, because it was already in Sarge.

I had to configure .gnupg/pgp-agent.conf as said in the link but putting the right pinentry path, and had to create the .kde/env/ containing the “eval” line.

That’s all. I did all the tests and it worked well. The only thing that I couldn’t do was to cipher using S/MIME, because the public key list was empty. I’ll do more research on that when I’ve more time…

By the way, you can download my public key from here. Ask me about the figerprint before adding it to your ring.