Summer practices on PhpReport

PhpReport is a GPL web application that tracks tasks performed by a company staff or workgroup and allows administrators to launch queries and get statistics about the tasks and time spent on each one. This give company managers the proper information to do cost analysis and decission making. PhpReport is used internally by Igalia staff on daily basis since December 2003.

This summer Igalia has planned a “company practices” hiring to improve PhpReport. Jesús Pérez is the student selected, and he will make use of XP Tracker to manage his tasks. At this link you can follow his progress.

The improvements assigned to this development iteration satisfy new functional needs and publishing & community issues. Some of those improvements are:

  • Internationalization.
  • Migration of existing spreadsheets into PhpReport, to make result extraction and business decission making easier.
  • XML import module rewriting, to improve mantainability and extensibility of the application.
  • Administration and usage documentation.
  • Package improvements.

As a result of this iteration, a new release is planned for the end of the summer. Stay tuned!