Experiments with WMA (JSR-120)

This night I’ve been doing some tests with Wireless Message API (JSR-120) that, surprisingly, is supported by my cheap Nokia 3100.

I was expecting that this API lets me examine the SMS inbox folder or something similar, but it doesn’t. It “only” provides a way of data interchange (as in a network socket) using SMSs as transport layer. You can open a connection to a url like “sms://666123456:5000” (yes, I don’t know what a port means :-m) and, on the other side, listen to “sms://:5000” and receive data.

I wrote a small test midlet and was able to “send” one of such messages (the phone showed me a confirmation dialog), but it never reach the destination phone. Maybe it can only be received by another Java midlet, I was expecting a normal SMS.

I’ll continue to do more testings when I’ve time enough…

P.S.: Dape has discovered today that WMA doesn’t make possible to access to sms inbox (for security reasons?), and can only be used to receive sms sent by another midlet using WMA. Phones that are able to receive WMA sms on their inbox are implementing the specification in a wrong way.